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As our residents have been unable to gather in groups during the pandemic, the Foundation has found new ways to give each resident a "little extra lift."

The Importance of Staying Connected 

To protect our residents from the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors have not been allowed in the Lucy Corr health center building since mid-March. Recognizing the important role that staying connected to family and friends plays in ensuring that our residents are able to live their best life, the Foundation has provided mobile virtual visit carts with iPads and wireless headphones. 

If you know a senior at Lucy Corr or in the community who may be isolated due to the pandemic, be sure to reach out by telephone, virtual visit or with a card or letter. 

Funding for this program is provided by:
Community Foundation
for a
    greater Richmond

Richmond Memorial Health Foundation

A Little Extra Lift

Throughout the pandemic, the Lucy Corr Foundation has provided fresh flowers to every resident at Lucy Corr. By bringing in just a touch of summer sunshine, we were able to provide just a "little extra lift" to each resident's life and continue the tradition of compassion and caring established by Miss Lucy Corr.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know
what to talk about with friends or family
members that you don't see often.


Click the link below
for some conversation starters. 

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