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A Legacy of Love

Care. Compassion. Kindness. 

Three words that are synonymous with Miss Lucy Corr and the health care community that now bears her name.

Born in 1908, Lucy Virginia Corr was a remarkable woman whose legacy of humanitarian service began during the 1930s, when she urged the Virginia General Assembly to change the name of the local public welfare department to the Department of Social Services.


In 1945, she began serving as the Director of the Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services, a position she held until her retirement in 1978.

In 1967, Lucy acted on her passion for giving people “a little extra lift in life” by proposing that the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors open a nursing home and convalescent facility for older adults. In 1969, A non-profit corporation was established to aid in construction of the $1.3 million, 98-bed nursing home facility.

On Mother’s Day in 1970, Miss Lucy’s dream become a reality at the dedication of the Chesterfield County Nursing Home. It also marked the beginning of her tenure as the nursing home’s director.

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Lucy Corr Community Highlights

The Dream Continues

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  • 1975 - The Chesterfield County Nursing Home undergoes its first expansion, growing to a 293-bed care center.

  • 1980's - The Chesterfield County Nursing Home is renamend the Lucy Corr Chesterfield County Nursing Home.

  • 1990's - Following a renovation, 48 Assisted Living apartments and full range of on-site Assisted Living Services added.

  • 2000 - The Lucy Corr Foundation was founded to provided financial support for programs and services to benefit residents.

  • 2009 -  Miss Lucy Corr’s legacy of service grew again when Springdale, Lucy Corr's Independent Living neighborhood opened, with 52 independent-living apartments and 25 cottages adjacent to the Village complex.

  • 2010  - Lucy Corr Dental Clinic begins providing free oral health care to Lucy Corr residents.

  • 2011 - Lucy Corr Dental Clinic expands to three operatories and extends free oral health services to uninsured seniors in the community.

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