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Miss Lucy Corr Oct. 10, 1908 - April 29, 1988 (1).jpg

Happy Birthday!

In 1970, Miss Lucy's dream came true when 48 seniors moved into the Chesterfield Nursing Home.


Over 50 years later Miss Lucy's dream lives on with compassionate, quality care provided to over 180 elderly men and women who call Lucy Corr Retirement Community their home. 

Join us in celebrating Miss Lucy's 113th birthday with a gift to the Lucy Corr Foundation in honor of somone special. 

"I believe that seniors deserve a
"little extra lift in life." 

Lucy Corr, Director

Chesterfield County Nursing Home 
1970 - 1978

Lucy Corr Foundation Horizontal Logo.jpg

care. compassion. community. 

Miss Lucy´s legacy lives on in the programs and services sponsored by the Lucy Corr Foundation. Established in 2000, the Foundation helps to ensure that Lucy Corr residents receive compassionate care with programs and services to meet their physical, spiritual and emotional needs


The Foundation also serves residents and uninsured seniors in the community with free oral health care. 

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