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About Us

Lucy Corr Foundation was founded in 2000 to support the Lucy Corr Continuing Care Retirement Community and to continue the legacy of Miss Lucy Corr by providing "a little something extra for Lucy Corr residents." 

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, the Lucy Corr Foundation's mission is to enhance the lives of Lucy Corr residents, participants and their families and to help meet the emerging needs of seniors in the community.



Tammy Shackelford
Executive Director

Patricia Bonwell, RDH, Ph.D
Dental Clinic Coordinator



Board of Trustees


Kay Mast, Chair

Pam Parsons, Vice Chair

Brett Landi, Treasurer

Elizabeth Vaughan, Secretary
Derrick Kendall, Ex Officio

Sheila Carden

Patty Hanley

Hobart Harvey 
Avi D. Hopkins

Patrick Lane Neal

James Revere, D.D.S.

Cathy Saunders
David Saunders
Daniel K. Smith
Sarah Snead

Cherie Tew

In Good Hands