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Giving people a little
extra lift in life.

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Lucy Corr Dental Clinic

The Lucy Corr Dental Clinic provides free routine and basic dental care and education to under- and un-insured seniors 65 or older in the Greater Richmond community thanks to grants from the Lucy Corr Foundation and community partnerships. We are now operating with new protocols and procedures designed to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff. Please call 804.425.7512 to make an appointment.

We need your support.

The Lucy Corr Foundation is dedicated to working with the Lucy Corr administration to find ways to uplift our residents and ensure that our staff knows how much their dedication and hard work is appreciated. We remain dedicated dto putting smiles on the faces of our residents and un- and underinsured seniors in the community through the Lucy Corr Dental Clinic. Please join us in these efforts.

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