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Nurse with Patient
Lucy Corr Dental Clinic

The Lucy Corr Dental Clinic provides free routine and basic dental care and education to under- and un-insured seniors 65 or older in the Greater Richmond community thanks to grants from the Lucy Corr Foundation and community partnerships. 

Therapeutic & Healing Arts

Throughout Lucy Corr, residents are involved in art and music therapy. All residents of the Health Care Center and Assisted Living units as well as participants of the Adult Day Center are encouraged to explore their creativity under the direction of professional
art therapists.

 Nursing Scholarships

With nursing services in high demand, the Lucy Corr Foundation is partnering with Lucy Corr employees to provide the highest level of care for residents by sponsoring education scholarships for employees wanting to further their
nursing education.


Lucy Corr Foundation's mission is to enhance the lives of Lucy Corr residents, participants and their families and to help meet the emerging needs of seniors in our community. 

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